Jack Ng, Executive Chef

chefBorn in to a family that embraced cooking as much as he does now, Jack was destined to become a great chef. Beginning his culinary career as an apprentice when he was only 15 years old, Jack’s first master was one of his father’s cooking students.
He commenced his apprenticeship with the Red Ruby Restaurant in Hong Kong. A restaurant specializing in traditional Chinese cuisine but one that also served Western style cuisine.

After two years he joined his father as a senior apprentice. Working for one of Hong Kong’s oldest but most famous hotels (Lu Kwok Hotel), he began 4 years of intensive training under the strict supervision of his father.

After completing his apprenticeship, Jack spent the better part of the 1970’s and early 1980’s working in various restaurants throughout Hong Kong.

Choosing a different future for his family, Jack, his wife and four children moved to Australia in the early 80’s. Without the proliferation of Chinese restaurants as there are now, he began his Sydney career in the colourful Chinatown district.
Working for Central Restaurant in Goulburn Street, he quickly developed a name for himself and was invited to demonstrate his cooking skills on the Good Morning Australia show.

With his reputation developing further, he decided that after 6 years in Sydney it was time for a change. The Gold Coast beckoned and the family moved there, working for 4 years in various renowned Chinese restaurants.

It was a phone call from the owner of Hung Kee in Beverley Hills that drew him back to Sydney. Returning to the Hong Kong style of cooking in this Cantonese restaurant, Jack went on to create a number of dishes revered even now. Chefs still use the recipes he created for dishes such as the special roasted pigeon, secret beef fillet steak with a wasabi flavour and the braised mud crab with “Hua Diao” rice wine.

It was in the mid 90’s that Jack was ready for another change and another challenge. Moving to the resort island of Hamilton Island he enjoyed 4 years as Head Chef at the Tang Dynasty Restaurant.
It was here he cooked for many of the rich and famous including George Harrison of the Beatles, Lee Marvin, Gai Waterhouse and Rupert Murdoch.

Returning to Sydney in the late 90’s he was drawn yet again to the vibrancy of Chinatown, a stark contrast to island life. This time as Head Chef for the Noble Dragon restaurant.

After another 4 successful years Jack was head hunted by the new owner of the East Ocean Restaurant. It was here that Jack managed three kitchens in A la carte, Dim Sim and BBQ.

In the December of 2003, the Hon Henry Tsang, OAM, MLC, commissioned Jack to create a banquet with kangaroo as the primary ingredient.
Producing such diverse dishes as kangaroo dim sim and satay sticks, Jack was awarded a gold medal for his creativity and skills in contributing to the export market.

He managed several trips back to Hong Kong and China during his time at East Ocean and in his next venture at Zilver Restaurant.
On one such trip he was a judge at the Guangzhou International Cooking Competition.

Fast forward to July, 2006 and Jack Ng is now Head Chef of the Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant.